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2006-07-14 18:35:41

More thoughts on WPF

Hi, my name is Eric, and I am a coding addict.

When I founded SourceGear, I was a programmer.  Nine years later, my company has turned me into a marketing guy.  After all the sacrifices I made to get this company going, it has coldly turned its back on me, ignoring my once prodigious programming talents, callously replacing me with people who are younger and better looking, watching apathetically as my technical skills atrophy each year, forgetting all the great things I have done, and ---

Ahem.  Sorry, I got a little off track there.  :-)  Where was I?

Ah yes, my addiction.  You see, although my company has grown to the point where it can no longer find a place for me as a coder, I have found it rather difficult to stop.  I've got some sort of an addiction, a disease which compels me to write code.  It is this mania which has driven me to write things like my solitaire game and my blogging app.  I pretty much always have some kind of a hobby project going on.

Lately my hours as a compulsive coder are spent working on some ideas for woodworking design software.  Since most of my readers are interested in neither woodworking nor solid modeling, I'll spare you the gory details.

About five weeks ago I published a few of my early thoughts on WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation, formerly called "Avalon").  My interest in WPF continued to grow, so recently I decided to give it a try by writing a WPF front end for my woodworking software.  In the process of doing so, I am becoming a WPF fan.

The screen shot below is a picture of my WPF viewer in action:

Basically, my woodworking software is designed around the concept of a list of steps.  Each step corresponds to one woodworking action, such as cutting a board or attaching two boards together.  A primary job of the software is to draw a picture of how the project will look at each step. 

In the screen shot above, the ListView on the left contains all of the steps to build a simple bookshelf.  The larger 3D picture on the right is showing the currently selected step.

I am certainly still not an expert on WPF, but here is what I like so far:

Anyway, I suppose I will soon bump into some sort of a wall, but so far, I think WPF is really nice.