The Final Chapter of my Winnable Solitaire Story

The news

I have sold Winnable Solitaire to Dennis Cronin, the guy behind  I'm not sure Denny wants me to disclose the price, but I can say that it was a small number (4 digits) and that I have donated all of it to the Red Cross for Katrina relief.

The details

In September 2004 I wrote an article wherein I coined the term "micro-ISV" and launched a fun little hobby business around a game I wrote called Winnable Solitaire.  My primary goal was to write a good article, and on that point I think I succeeded.  My secondary goal was to make some money selling an "indie" game.  That part didn't go quite so well.  :-)  It is now 15 months later.  My total sales are approximately $215.

I've got lots of ideas for how to pursue Winnable Solitaire, but the simple truth is that I don't have time.  I never planned for this to be anything more than a hobby.  My day job keeps me plenty busy.

So I have taken the opportunity to sell the whole thing.  Dennis Cronin now has the source code to the solver and the game itself.  He is also getting the domain names (  I'm pretty sure Denny plans to approach this game differently than I did, but I don't know the details.  His site is already a functioning business for him and he seems to have some specific ideas for how Winnable Solitaire is going to fit into that picture.

I was actually considering an eBay auction when Dennis called me several weeks ago and expressed an interest.  He offered to buy.  I accepted.  Reconnecting with Dennis was actually a "blast from the past" for me.  He and I worked together briefly when I was at Spyglass.

Anyway, this brings closure to my involvement with Winnable Solitaire.  I remain fascinated by the concept of a micro-ISV.  I still have a great deal of admiration (and a little envy) for those who have been successful with this model.  Perhaps in a later season of my life I will give the micro-ISV concept a more serious try.  But right now I'm having a ball here at SourceGear.   (Yep, I actually like building version control software.)