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2006-03-06 14:30:18

Ben Pryor is blogging

So I come in to the office this morning and find out that my coworker Ben Pryor is blogging.  Ben's office is about 50 feet away from mine.

I learned of Ben's blog through an entry on Martin Woodward's blog.  Martin is another coworker.  His office is about 3,760 miles away from mine.

Obviously this situation presents me with three alternatives:

  1. Be annoyed that Martin, in Ireland, always seems to know what's going on before I do.

  2. Be happy that Ben is blogging and delighted at how the Internet makes the world smaller.

  3. Create a diversion.  Shift the attention away from myself by publicly asking some other coworker why they aren't blogging yet.

I choose option 3.  Ian, what's your excuse?