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2005-05-03 16:43:33

SourceGear welcomes Ian Olsen

Ian Olsen started yesterday as the newest member of the SourceGear team. 

It's nice having a newbie around.  The first week for a new developer at SourceGear is basically always the same:

Unless Ian turns out to be a raving idiot, this hiring process looks like a success.  The job posting here on my blog was the only advertisement of the position (except I ran a classified ad in the local newspaper which contained little more than the URL of that blog entry).  We were fortunate enough to get only about 20 applicants, with an average level of cluefulness that was surprisingly high.  This was so much better than getting 200 applicants, 198 of which have terrible misconceptions about what a garbage collector is.

Several of the applicants were local folks, and quite a few applied from various other cities in the Midwest.  In fact, I'm not sure anybody applied from a region with nicer weather than ours.  Ian is moving here from Detroit, so I daresay he's getting an upgrade.  :-)

The only bummer was the necessity of saying "no" to the others who applied.  The top few candidates were very close.  After facing a bit of temptation, we decided to stay with our plan of hiring only one developer, at least for now.

Bottom line:  This hiring process worked well for us.  Next time we hire a developer, we'll do it this way again.