Praise for Version Control by Example

"Holy crap, I got it today! It's really awesomely put together; I was expecting something like one of the Internet cheapo two-bucks-per-copy-and-we-print-your-pdf jobs, but this is really nice."


"The best feature of Version Control by Example is the writing style. Much like the 'for Dummies' series, the writing style is light and humorous. This makes it a very easy book to read through, and certainly aids my focus."

B. Cotton

"I can't believe the number of times this book has come up in conversation in the last few weeks. I am thinking in a version controlly kinda way now, I just need to sit down and get my hands dirty."


"I've been working through Eric's book, and it is highly recommended."

Nick Hodges

"A pleasure to read, not to mention that it is also useful... The icing on the cake? Free online version and also free PDF version!"

Andrea Esuli

"Very easy to follow, answers many questions (at least in my case) and is relatively short and compact. You can get through it in a matter of hours... Explaining by example is a powerful way to learn, so I really recommend this book if you want to get started with Version Control."

Tautvidas Sipavičius

"Great stuff"

Jeroen Pluimers

"A really informative chapter about the advantages of third generation VCS, such as Git, over the second generation ones, such as Subversion and TFS... A very nice read."

Alexander Kuznetsov

"Think '226 pages focusing on DVCS, GIT, Mercurial, Veracity and SVN'."

Greg Duncan

"Version Control by Example may as well be called The Hitchhiker's Guide to Distributed Version Control -- it's a concise and informative compendium that serves as both an introduction and a manual for practical usage of Mercurial, Git, Veracity, and virtually any other version control system."

Alex Papadimoulis
The Daily WTF

"Eric covers multiple tools in lighthearted style that makes a potentially dry subject both amusing and understandable.  If version control is a new tool in your programmers' belt, this book is a great place to start."

Ben Collins-Sussman
Apache Subversion Developer

"Version control is a critical tool in the developer's tool chain.  So it's disappointing to consider just how few developers actually understand their version control system beyond the minimal incantations required merely to survive a day of coding at the office. Thanks to Eric Sink's new book on the topic, this need be the case no longer.

Version Control by Example is organized well, light in tone, yet saturated with practical illustrations of not only how to choose among and use today's most popular free version control tools, but how to do so with efficiency, understanding, and purpose."

C. Michael Pilato
Apache Subversion Developer

"Apache Subversion's rise to popularity opened the floodgates for others to explore new features and designs in version control, the most popular being Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCS). In a balanced way, this book covers the most popular tools today and whether you should choose a DVCS for your development."

Greg Stein
Apache Subversion Developer