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Another interesting tidbit from Tech-Ed last week: I received a business card from somebody at Microsoft:

I laughed and commented on the fact that the ".NET" is bigger than the word Microsoft. Cracking a half-smile, the person said, ".NET is bigger than Microsoft." I'm glad Microsoft is betting the company on .NET because we are placing the same bet here at SourceGear. And I can finally talk about it.

At Tech-Ed last week we unveiled a new product which is currently under development. It is a version control system built entirely on the .NET platform. We call it SourceGear Vault.

We are still committed to continued support for our VSS-based tools (SourceOffSite Classic and Collab), but after years of being a vendor of VSS add-ons, we are now ready to become a vendor of a VSS replacement. Vault is a next-generation system, and we are very excited about it here. It was gratifying that everyone who heard our story at Tech-Ed was enthusiastic as well.

Vault has been under development for quite some time, and it was strong enough to show live demos in the booth at Tech-Ed. However it won't be truly ready for release until this fall. This is the first time we have actively marketed a product so far in advance of its availability. Rather than allow others to tease us for hyping our "vaporware", we decided to just buy a special effects fog machine and do the teasing ourselves!