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2013-04-14 11:00:00

Announcing Zumero SQLite for Xamarin

I am pleased to announce that Zumero SQLite is now available in the Xamarin Component Store. It's free, and it supports Android and iOS.

Zumero SQLite for Xamarin starts with the core "replicate and sync" functionality from the Zumero Client SDK and adds:


In some ways, the core of the Zumero Client SDK is not very easy to use. That is intentional. It is designed to be the sort of SDK that leaves many things as the responsibility of the app (or the next layer up).

Power users and control freaks need this kind of SDK. And it comes first, since everything else is built on top of it. But most users want an experience that is more "comfy".

The Zumero Client SDK actually does include some carpeting and furniture on top of that cold, hard C floor. For Android developers using Java, it presents the android.database.sqlite API. And for iOS developers using Objective-C, it offers a wrapper that lets you work with things that have NS prefixes.

(Which reminds me, check out our iOS wiki app sample on GitHub.)

Anyway, these efforts are just the beginning. Our direction is toward "comfy", and we are moving fast.

This component for Xamarin is a step forward, and I think it is an important one.


This new component includes three sample apps, all of which are modified versions of samples provided by Xamarin.

The Data and Notepad samples have simply been ported to System.Data.SQLite (which involved very few changes).

The Tasky sample goes a bit further and adds a very simple ability to sync the task list.


I am in Austin for Xamarin's Evolve conference, which starts today. Xamarin is doing some of the coolest stuff in mobile development today. We are thrilled to be a part of it.