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2004-08-21 15:08:08

Winnable Solitaire 1.0.1

I don't believe in frequent price changes.

I also don't believe in waiting to fix a mistake.

These two beliefs came into conflict for me today, and I made a choice.  I have changed the price of Winnable Solitaire from $12 to $7.

Yes, I know that I only released this product 3 days ago.  In golf, we call this a mulligan.

However, this product is an experiment.  It is an opportunity learn, an opportunity to try things which might otherwise be a bad idea.  I'm allowing myself a mulligan or two.

It is already clear that I would rather err too low on price than too high.  I may raise the cost later when I release new versions with more features.  For now, I don't want the price to be an obstacle for anyone who likes the game.

Oh, and I also fixed a minor bug in the display of empty card piles.