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2011-07-16 22:37:40

Veracity 0.9.1

Veracity 0.9.1 is available.

This release is a big milestone -- it is the first release which we are identifying as "ready to use".

Even though we have been dogfooding Veracity for over a year, each release has been accompanied by verbiage which discouraged people from relying upon it.  This was mostly because we thought we might still change a repository storage format in ways that might not be backward compatible. Well, we have finally decided that this hesitation is no longer necessary. All future releases of Veracity will be compatible with a repository created with version 0.9.1.

Version 1.0 is coming very soon.  In fact, we considered blessing this build with the magical "1.0" designation.  But we decided to do a little more polishing and make 1.0 happen during the week of OSCON at the end of this month.

The Veracity home page is:


The front page contains a comparison chart which I hope will be perceived simply as a way of describing Veracity's place in the world relative to other things.  I don't want this triggering a flame war with people quibbling over details while they argue which DVCS is the best.

Available downloads include the source code as well as packaged builds for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu Linux.

A public instance of the Veracity repository is online at:


If you want to track our progress regularly, you can clone this instance:

vv clone http://public.veracity-scm.com/repos/veracity veracity

At the moment, you cannot push to the public server.  We haven't done the homework necessary to let us accept patches and contributed code from the community.  We will get all our ducks in a row as soon as possible.

Finally, veracity-scm.com includes a Question+Answer area, running OSQA.  For any and all questions about Veracity, this is the place.  We've thrown a few seed questions in to get things started.