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2012-07-11 10:00:00

BETA: Veracity 2.0 and onVeracity.com

Last week we released our first public beta of Veracity 2.0 (release notes). Version 2.0 represents a big step forward in the maturity and performance of Veracity.

In addition, a big part of what we have built during this release cycle is our cloud hosting service for private repositories, onVeracity.com.

All of this continues progress toward our vision for Veracity as "the DVCS built for business".

Tell me again how Veracity is different from Git?

In the last couple of years, Git has become very popular with early adopters and the open source community. But most mainstream business users are still on Subversion or some other centralized tool. As more and more corporate development teams migrate to the distributed model, Veracity offers them an alternative.

We've been developing version control solutions for business users since 1998. Our experience has taught us that these are things that many corporate developers care about.

Try onVeracity.com

And now we've made things even easier with the launch of our cloud hosting service. When you sign up, your private collaboration server will be hosted at YOURNAME.onVeracity.com. You administer the users and access permissions. We keep everything running.

The onVeracity.com service is alive and running now. We'll leave the "beta" label on it for a few more weeks until we get enough user feedback to confirm that everything is running smoothly for all our users.

Questions? See our question/answer area.