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2010-11-16 16:31:56

Vault 5.1

I am delighted to announce that SourceGear has released version 5.1 of Vault, our version control tool for developers on Windows and Visual Studio.  This is technically a minor release, and it does contain the "lots of little improvements" which are usually found in a "dot one release", but it also brings two big changes.

First of all, we are renaming our "Fortress" product and calling it Vault Professional Edition.  Fortress has always been "a version of Vault with more features", but the naming caused some confusion.  We decided to simplify things and make the naming consistent with what these products really are:

The second major change in the 5.1 release is that Vault Pro supports integration with OnTime from Axosoft.  Our two companies have many common customers who have been asking for Vault and OnTime to work better together.  I consider OnTime to be an outstanding product, and I'm glad that development teams who use OnTime with Vault can enjoy a much-improved user experience.

Looking Ahead

Plans for the Vault 6.0 release are already under way.  We intend to publish a roadmap with planned features and general timeframe as soon as we can.  Once it's available, you'll see it here.