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2009-07-06 17:05:54

Vault 5.0 Beta 2

Last week's beta 2 release means that the long-awaited version 5.0 of SourceGear Vault is coming soon.  This includes the regular edition of Vault as well as the "much more better" edition which has integrated bug-tracking.  (The latter product is actually called SourceGear Fortress and carries the version number 2.0, but its heart is still Vault.)

This release has numerous improvements, but for now I want to highlight one new feature which we call "VSS Handoff".  Basically, Handoff is a simpler and faster way of importing a SourceSafe database.  Instead of converting all your old history, Vault simply wraps your VSS database and makes it part of your Vault repository.  After that, all new checkins will go into the regular Vault database.  For history operations which need to access stuff that happened before the Handoff, the VSS database is seamlessly referenced.  The transition from SourceSafe can't get more painless than this.

Bottom line:  If you are still using SourceSafe, Vault 5 will remove your last excuse.

In fact, shortly after Vault 5 is released, I plan to go on a world tour.  If you are still clinging to SourceSafe, I will visit your office.  I will taunt you mercilessly and suggest an MRI to confirm that there is nothing between your ears but bone.  And I will drench you with my new Super Soaker Max Infusion Flash Flood Water Blaster

And I will be morally justified.  You've been given many opportunities to switch to any one of several dozen competent version control tools.  And yet, it's 2009 and you're still using SourceSafe.  Surely you didn't expect this to end well?

BTW, for more details about Vault 5, check out the recent blog entries by Jeremy or Paul:-)