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2010-04-19 14:08:54

Two Weeks with an iPad

I mostly bought an iPad just to see what the hype was all about.  I never expected to actually use it, for two reasons:

So, even though this thing was not designed for me, after two weeks with my iPad, I am surprised to admit that I really like it.

Surprised and a little embarrassed.  This challenges my geekhood.  I mean really, what's wrong with me?  The next thing you know I'll be giving up my RPN calculator.  Or using Finder instead of bash.  How far is this spiral toward normalcy going to go?

But I can't help it.  The iPad is just really pleasant to use:

Not that the iPad is perfect:

Bottom line, for me the iPad is one of those anomalies of theory and practice.  In theory, I should hate this thing.  In practice, it competes with four other excellent devices for my attention, and it wins a lot.