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2004-12-16 19:32:27

Announcing SourceOffSite 4.1

Yippee!  I love it when a software product finally gets released.  Just over a couple weeks ago we shipped Vault 3.0 and Dragnet 1.0.  Today, we are releasing SourceOffSite 4.1.

For those who don't know, SourceOffSite ("SOS") is an add-on product for users of SourceSafe ("VSS").  The primary feature of SOS is that it provides remote access to a VSS database.  VSS doesn't work well at all over the Internet.  SOS solves that problem.

The primary new feature in 4.1 is integration with Dragnet, our bug-tracking product.  The other big news is full support for Linux, Solaris and MacOS X.  A surprising number of people need to access SourceSafe from Unix or Mac.  We've had Unix support in the product for years, but at times we have allowed the Unix version to slip behind.  Today we are treating Unix and MacOS like first-class citizens, simultaneously shipping them with the Windows release.

As many people know, I used to be a die-hard Mac user and advocate, complete with the defensiveness and chip on my shoulder that usually accompany the condition.  ;-)   I joined the Windows world circa 1995 when it got real 32-bit pointers. 

I still really like Macintosh.  I don't routinely use a Mac anymore, although MacOS X 10.3 makes me wish I did.  Anyway, shipping SOS 4.1 on the Mac triggers a touch of nostalgia for me.  This is the first MacOS product SourceGear has ever shipped.  It will not be the last.