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2007-09-12 20:25:44

A fool or a thief

For about a half hour yesterday, productivity at SourceGear/Teamprise World Headquarters came to a grinding halt.  The weather has been fantastic, so we've been opening our windows.  Looking down from our fourth floor view, somebody noticed a convertible parked at the coffee shop across the street:

Look closely at what is sitting in the back seat:

Yep, that's a Mac notebook, just sitting there waiting for somebody to carry it away.

So of course, we had to watch and see what happened.  :-)

One person here suggested we go down and attach a sticky note that says, "Lucky for you, I prefer Windows."

Amazingly, nobody lifted the laptop.  The owner left the car and its contents unattended for around 20 or 30 minutes before he returned and drove away.

Actually, I should say that we are assuming that this guy was in fact the owner of the car.  If not, I suppose he's a thief rather than a fool.