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2005-09-13 15:57:10

Introducing Teamprise

I take pleasure in announcing that project Allerton is growing up.  No longer just a "project" with a weird code-name, Allerton has become a company.  We call it Teamprise.

We have decided to keep our VSTS products separate from SourceGear and give them their own business identity.  Teamprise is owned by SourceGear, but is in many ways quite separate.  One of those ways is that I don't have much involvement with it at all, so I can't promise how much blog coverage you'll see here on Teamprise or VSTS.

Nonetheless, I am close enough to have a good view of the action.  We are out here in Los Angeles for the PDC.  In a couple hours or so, the exhibit hall floor will open and people will see a brand new Teamprise booth staffed by people wearing very cool Teamprise shirts (which have never been worn before) and carrying nifty new Teamprise business cards (the ink on which is barely dry) and showing great Teamprise demos (on hardware that was NOT shipped in our luggage).