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2008-05-12 13:19:41

Upcoming Gigs

In July I will be giving a keynote address at GUADEC, the annual GNOME conference, being held this year in Istanbul.

In September I will be speaking again at the Business of Software conference, being held this year in Boston.

And finally, for something completely different, don't miss the Jam Session at Tech-Ed on June 3rd.  Several of us minions from SourceGear are planning to take the stage and give our rendition of Pinball Wizard.  It'll be me on acoustic guitar, our development manager Jeremy Sheeley on bass, and our product manager Paul Roub playing the Evil Mastermind Schecter PT that will be given away later that week.

And BTW, none of us will be dressed as The Evil Mastermind.  This should be obvious, as The Evil Mastermind would never do something actually cool like a song by The Who.  Rather, he would do something like a Kelly Clarkson song and mistakenly believe it was cool.  :-)