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2011-06-07 21:20:00

Hey -- you wanna review my new book?

Updated 14 June:

  1. I've got enough reviewers now.  Thanks!
  2. Due to popular demand and some assistance from the reviewers, the book will have more Git coverage than I had expected.

Short summary:

I've been writing a book about version control.  The first draft is complete, and I need reviewers to help me polish it and make it shiny.  If you'd like to review the book and provide feedback, contact me at eric@sourcegear.com.

More details:

Back around 2004 I wrote a series of blog entries called Source Control HOWTO.  My original intent was to turn this content into a book.

But I kept getting distracted by something else.  As time passed, the material in the book became rather stale.  Those blog entries were written before DVCS became popular.  Everything in the version control world is different now.  Eventually I realized that if I wanted to write a book about version control, I would be starting from scratch.

A few months ago I dropped everything else to focus on writing.  This week I finished my first draft of the content.  Now I am looking for people who would like to review that draft and give me feedback which I can use to finish polishing it for publication.

Here are some things you need to know:

So now I am gathering a list of people interested in being reviewers.  If you would like to be on that list, send me an email at eric@sourcegear.com.  I will be sending all the reviewers a draft (as a PDF file, roughly 5 MB in size) sometime in the next week.