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2007-12-07 15:56:34

Be my Support Group

People want to be understood.  That's why support groups are so popular.

We all have problems, and we all want to know that we're not alone.

Wednesday evening I posted a comment on a friend's blog.  Or rather, I tried to post a comment.

True to my tendencies, it was really far too wordy to be called a comment.  I actually spent about half an hour wordsmithing a multiple-paragraph response.

But when I hit the submit button to post it, Wordpress gave me a generic error page.  Presumably something timed out while I was crafting my reply.

And when I hit the Back button, my comment was gone.  :-(


My mind raced.  What are my options here?

Maybe I should just re-type the whole thing?  It was only 300 words or so.

Nah.  The text I wrote was perfect.  I probably won't be able to remember it just the way it was.

And why should I have to?  Firefox and Wordpress screwed this up, not me!

Cautiously I hit the Forward button in my browser.  Firefox showed me this dialog:

Aha!  I clicked OK.  Wordpress coughed up the same hairball I got before.

But now I know that Firefox still has my comment in memory somewhere.  All I have to do is figure out how to get it.

Two hours later I finally got my comment posted, deliberately ignoring the fact that I could have retyped it ten times by then.

After several other attempts that brought me to dead ends, here is the technique that succeeded:

Let me know that I'm not alone.  Tell me the story of something geeky that you did.