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2007-03-13 13:23:44

Valuable Secret Strategy Tips

It only happens about once a year.  Some nitwit reads my articles and sends me hate mail, accusing me of holding back my best secrets to preserve an advantage.  His theory looks like this:

I assume this guy has equally interesting ideas about Area 51 and the grassy knoll.

Actually, I sort of wish he was right.  I consider his scenario to be a very pleasant fiction, to selfishly guard the true secrets of success while writing books and articles that contain everything but.  I don't think I'm really that evil, but I could aspire to be.

Alas, the truth is that no such secrets exist.  When I write an article on a topic, I include everything that I think might be useful to the reader.  I'm not holding anything back. 

To prove it, today I am going to post some of the most valuable strategic and tactical tips that I know.  These aren't the sort of mythical secrets described above, but they're pretty close.

The information I am going to reveal in this article is so valuable that it actually can be a difference maker in your success.

These tips will help you get ahead of your competitors in one area where it really counts.

You've probably guessed by now what the topic of this article is going to be.

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