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2006-12-14 15:44:11

The risks of ransacking a nativity scene

In our living room, there is a nativity scene where all the characters are "stuffed animals".

And every night, the cat pillages it.

The holiday season is supposed to be a time for families to make memories together.  When my kids are grown, they'll remember waking up every December morning and finding the murdered corpse of a six inch shepherd by the piano.

At first we weren't sure which cat was the guilty party, but then one day we saw one of them running through the house with a wise man in his jaws.

Last weekend I caught the little lech pawing at the virgin Mary.  When I scolded him, he stopped what he was doing and sat down comfortably in front of the manger, as if he were trying to pretend like he was part of the scene.  He held the pose very well, but he didn't seem to realize that his relative size was all wrong.  I've seen all kinds of animals in nativity scenes, but never a brontosaurus.

Yesterday morning we found the little stuffed Christ child left for dead.  I confronted the sacrilegious feline about his crime but he denied any wrongdoing.  Hopefully my regular readers know that I respect the spiritual beliefs of others and I virtually never discuss religion here on my blog.  Still, I like to think that when considering the opportunity to take a baby Jesus doll behind the couch and throw it a beating, most people would consider the idea to be "unnecessary" if not "downright risky".

I'm just hoping that if the cat gets scorched by a bolt of lightning we don't end up with burn marks on the carpet.