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2007-04-27 15:39:18

SourceGear Welcomes Paul Roub

Seven weeks ago I announced a job opening in product marketing here at SourceGear.  Today I am pleased to say that we have filled that position.

This was one of the most difficult hiring decisions I have ever made.  That job posting generated a lot of responses.  I can't remember when we've seen so many strong and qualified applicants for a job.

In the end, we hired Paul Roub.  Paul and his family will be moving to Champaign this summer from Florida.

Interesting tidbits:

I wanted to hire someone who was fully qualified to be a development lead, but with strong interest and aptitude for marketing.  I think we found the right person.  :-)

If you'd like to meet our new marketing hire, stop by the SourceGear booth at Tech-Ed in Orlando, June 4-7.

Paul, welcome aboard!