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2007-03-28 14:30:16

Goodbye Sadie

Our family dog was struck and killed by a car yesterday.

We adopted Sadie from the animal shelter just last summer, so her time with our family was short.  But she was a really sweet dog.  We all miss her terribly.

In the past, I have always identified myself as not a "dog person".  When I was a kid, we had cats.  Sadie was the first dog I ever owned, and her addition to our household came at the conclusion of a long series of objections from me.  Initially, I described Sadie as "my wife's dog" or "the kids' dog".  Over time I was surprised how attached I became. 

And I am surprised at the amount of grief I am feeling now.

This entry is obviously way off-topic.  Why am I posting this?  It has nothing to do with software or business.  Certainly there are lots of more important things happening in the world right now.

I'm posting this entry because it's about me.  People often ask me how similar I am to the character I play here on ericsink.com.  I'll admit that I craft my publicly persona very carefully, but I like to think that the Eric Sink you see here is a real representation of who I am.

Don't worry -- I'm not going to start posting every little detail of my life.  But this is not a little detail.  This feels really big to me right now.

I lost my dog yesterday.

It hurts.

I could not credibly claim that this blog is really me if I didn't tell you.