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2006-04-14 19:06:42

Guilt on Good Friday

I'm not Catholic.  I grew up churched in a little Anabaptist twig off the Protestant branch of Christianity.

Not having grown up Catholic, I lack the necessary experience to really be able to feel guilty about everything.  But a sense of brotherhood with my Catholic friends compels me to try to feel guilty about as many things as I can.

But for now I will mention just one thing:  I feel guilty that we are not using TestComplete.  Our team's doctrinal statement says we believe in automated testing.  We are religious users of NUnit.  We have around a dozen more automated testing apps which are a part of our process.  But we currently have no way of automatically testing the user interface of our product.

I am extremely impressed with AutomatedQA and their product.  We should be using it, but thus far, we are not.  I am scum.  I am a pitiful wretch.  My actions are inexcusable.

However, I take comfort in the knowledge that some of you are even more depraved than I am.  You are not even using NUnit and you know that you should be.  Shame on you.

Regardless of your religious background or beliefs, today is a great day to feel guilty about how horrible your team's development processes are.  Repent and get your life in order.