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2007-02-27 14:43:26

My interview on Dot Net Rocks

This week's episode of Dot Net Rocks features an interview with me.

Martin Woodward tells me that "appearing on DNR is probably more impressive than going on Letterman". From that remark, it's fairly straightforward to figure out how much of a nerd Martin is.

Still, he has a point. As a guest on DNR, I find myself in very good company. Recent guests include Billy Hollis, Raymond Chen, and Scott Guthrie. Letterman's guests this week are Jake Gyllenhaal, John McCain and Charles Grodin. Don't try and tell me you admire that second group more than the first.

Last week's guest on Dot Net Rocks was Steve McConnell, whose books are probably consuming more linear space on developers' bookshelves than any other author on the planet. Several weeks ago when the Jolt finalists were announced, I was delighted to find my book nominated and simultaneously disappointed to find that McConnell's latest book is one of my competitors. That's like being nominated for an Oscar and finding out that Tom Hanks is one of the other nominees.

Anyway, thanks to the DNR guys for inviting me to be on the show.

Oh, and apologies in advance for the stuff I said in the interview about Vista, Agile, Ruby, WPF/E, and CodeProject.com. Nothing personal.  :-)