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2004-08-18 23:08:30

Announcing: Winnable Solitaire

It's time to unveil a pet project of mine:  Winnable Solitaire

This game is very much like the Solitaire program that comes with Windows, with one major difference:  Every game is winnable. 

The price is $12.  A free demo download is available.  I expect that the app will work on most Windows PCs.

I am anticipating that some folks will want to know WHY I would do something like this.  You'll have to wait for my next MSDN column to get the answer to that question.  For now, I will say this:

Winnable Solitaire is a pet project of mine, not a SourceGear product.  I developed it for fun, and for the purpose of writing some articles about it.  Yes, it is a real product, and yes, I am charging real money for it.  However, I remain fully, 100% committed to my current job at SourceGear.  This is not a job change for me, nor is it a change in direction for SourceGear.

The rest of the story will [hopefully] make sense when my next MSDN article gets published.  I have submitted the article to the editors.  It is scheduled for publication in early September.

In the meantime, if you get bored and need something to do, I recommend playing a few games of solitaire.  :-)