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2003-04-21 14:44:42

CornSharp FAQ

Eric, are you still using and maintaining CornSharp?

No. I now use CityDesk.

What is CornSharp?

CornSharp is a tool for editing and publishing a weblog.

What are its key features?

Isn't that terribly inefficient, copying all those files up to the server every time something changes?

CornSharp only uploads the files that have changed.

Can it publish with passive FTP?


Can it publish with active FTP?


Can it publish with SSH?

Not any more.  This feature was originally present, but it used a proprietary component, so I removed the feature when I released the source code.

Why is it called "CornSharp"?

Primarily, because nothing else is called CornSharp. 

Seriously, I didn't put a great deal of thought into the name.  I included "Sharp" because several other .NET-centric freebie applications have that word in the name.  The word "Corn" is included because I live in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, which is essentially in the middle of a giant cornfield.

Isn't "CornSharp" the dumbest name ever?

Yeah, I thought "eBay" was a dumb name when I first heard it.  Just wait until CornSharp achieves its goal of total world domination -- the name won't sound quite so dumb then.

Why is the version number 0.5?

Calling it version 1.0 would have been audacious.

Does CornSharp have themes or skins so I can completely change the way my weblog looks?

Sorry, no.  CornSharp offers you a limited amount of control over the appearance of your weblog, but the general layout cannot currently be changed.

Aren't you with SourceGear?


Is this a SourceGear product?

Definitely not.  SourceGear sells version control tools.  We have no plans to get into the market for blogging tools.

Can I call SourceGear for support?

Please don't.  They had nothing to do with this. 

Why did you write CornSharp?

For the fun of it.  I use lots of software from various sources, but I also like using software that I wrote for myself.  Some people call it "Not Invented Here" syndrome, but I think of it as craftsmanship.  I'm a programmer, so I wrote my own blog tool.  I'm also a woodworker, so I built my own desk.

Will you add a new feature if I ask for it?

Probably not.  Seriously, you can ask, but I'm not making any promises.  Writing CornSharp is a spare time activity for me.  My day job keeps me plenty busy too.

Will you fix bugs in CornSharp?


Can I call you on the phone for tech support on CornSharp?

Nope.  This software comes with No Warranty, No Support, and No Promises.

Can I email you about CornSharp?

Sure.  My email address is eric@sourcegear.com.  I try to answer all my email, but sometimes things slip through the cracks when I get really swamped.

Why does CornSharp generate static HTML files?

Because I wanted a tool which can work with any web server.  My personal web server is a Linux box.

Your webserver is running on Linux?  Is something wrong with you?  Don't you like ASP.NET?

Guilty, I suppose.  I'm a .NET-fanatic, and ASP.NET is very cool, but I've been running my personal server on Debian Linux for years and I just can't bring myself to switch it over to Windows.

How did you implement the FTP feature?

I used some code I found on CodeProject.com, written by somebody named Dan Glass.  I've made no changes to this code, and it seems to work fine.

How did you implement the WYSIWYG HTML editor?

I started with code I found here.

What's wrong with all the other blogging tools?

Nothing.  I've used Radio, and it seems okay.  I've never tried MovableType.  I like .Text, but I wanted a client-side-only alternative.

Why isn't the output XHTML-compliant?

Sorry, I just haven't gotten around to fixing this yet.  It may be difficult to fix, since the WYSIWYG editor generates lame HTML.

What does the Sidebar button do?

The Sidebar button brings up an HTML editor.  Anything you type here will be included in the left sidebar of every page on your weblog site.

Will CornSharp manage my BlogRoll?

There is no special support for managing a blogroll, but you can use the Sidebar feature to include anything you like.

I want my weblog to have a form where users can send me email.  Can CornSharp do this?

No.  This would require CGI or ASP or something like that.  CornSharp weblogs are pure static HTML, nothing more.

Can my weblog have a discussion board where people can post comments?

No.  This would require CGI or ASP or something like that.  CornSharp weblogs are pure static HTML, nothing more.

Does CornSharp work with No-Touch Deployment?

No.  Currently CornSharp expects to be installed on your desktop system and store your weblog data files there.

What if I want to blog from two different machines?

Right now CornSharp doesn't work well under that scenario.  I suggest using a server-based solution.  I hope to update CornSharp to work well with No-Touch Deployment in a future release.

How is my weblog data stored?

All your weblog items are stored in a single XML file.  Attachments and images are stored separately.

Are you planning to charge money for CornSharp in the future?

Nope.  I already have a job.

Can't CornSharp remember my blog file so I don't have to "Open Weblog" every time I run the app?

I don't have an MRU list, but there is a simple workaround.  The CornSharp executable is called CornGUI.exe and it will accept a command line argument which specifies the weblog XML file to be opened.  Create a shortcut on your desktop which includes the argument and then use that shortcut to open CornSharp.

Can CornSharp integrate with any version control system so I can keep track of the revision history of my blog data?

Not yet.  If I ever add this feature, you can probably guess which version control tool I plan to support first. 

Are you going to build an aggregator into CornSharp in a future release?

Probably not.  I use NewsGator and I like it just fine.  I've used SharpReader too and liked it as well.

Any plans to put a spell checker into the built-in HTML editor?

Probably not.  I'll admit that I wish it had one.  I find that I use it more than I thought I would.

Are you going to make CornSharp support the Blogger API?

Probably not.

How can I get CornSharp?

The source code is hosted on VaultPub.