Version Control by Example

Eric Sink



I appreciate and want to acknowledge the efforts of those who helped me during the production of this book.

Two of my coworkers at SourceGear have been involved in this project in very substantial ways.

  • Everything about this book that looks good is a credit to John Woolley. And if there is anything about this book that does not look good, that was probably an area where I got in his way.

    John did the design, the layout, the illustrations, the cover, the font choices, everything.

    Personally, I think the book looks fantastic. My thanks to John Woolley.

  • The back of the title page lists Brody Finney as the “Editor” of this book, but that does not fully describe his contributions.

    While it is true that Brody’s pedantry and red ink were critical, he and I also spent much time talking through issues of structure and content. He has been my sounding board on everything from British slang to the explanations of version control concepts.

    My thanks to Brody Finney for the many and varied ways that he made the content of this book better.

I received all kinds of helpful comments and constructive feedback from folks who read early drafts of this book.

  • My thanks to the following reviewers: Tom Alderman, Linda Bauer, Jonathan Blocksom, Rick Borup, Anthony Bova, Chris Bradley, Mark Brents, Brian Brewder, Andy Brice, Eli Carter, Fletcher Chambers, Michael Chermside, Steven Cherry, Zian Choy, Jeff Clausius, Jason Cohen, Ben Collins-Sussman, John Cook, Pascal Cuoq, Justin Davis, Sybren Dijkstra, Augie Fackler, Emeric Fermas, Wez Furlong, Reggie Gardner, Rafał Grembowski, Fawad Halim, Michael Haren, Guy Harwood, Mark Heath, Kevin Horn, Jeff Hostetler, Kerry Jenkins, Joel Jirak, Zafiris Keramidas, Beth Kieler, Anthony Kirwan, Kristian Kristensen, Robert Lauer, Sasha Matijasic, Pierre Mengal, Gordon J Milne, Eamonn Murray, Dirkjan Ochtman, Ian Olsen, John O’Neill, Alex Papadimoulis, Dobrica Pavlinušić, Eric Peterson, Mike Pettypiece, C. Michael Pilato, Pavel Puchkarev, Sunil Puri, Joe Ream, Mike Reedell, Alvaro Rodriguez, Paul Roub, Michael Schoneman, Matt Schouten, J. Maximilian Spurk, Corey Steffen, Greg Stein, Scott Stocker, Jared Stofflett, Michael Third, Dixie Thornhill, Andy Tidball, Ben Tsai, Chuck Tuffli, Greg Vaughn, Wilbert van Dolleweerd, Stephen Ward, Rob Warner, Cullen Waters, Jason Webb, Robin Wilson

  • My original plan was to keep this section of the acknowledgments very simple, like the alphabetical list above, with no attempt to describe how much feedback each person provided me.

    This plan was utterly ruined by Jakub Narębski, whose feedback during the editing process was extraordinary. He found errors no one else found. He gave me pages of background commentary. He wrote drafts of content he felt was too important not to cover.

    I appreciate the comments I received from every person who reviewed my book, but trust me on this one—Jakub’s feedback was in a class by itself.

It takes a lot of focus to write a book. Several people supported me in the writing of this book by covering for my absence and offering me their patience. My thanks to:

  • Ian Olsen, leader of the Veracity development team.

  • Corey Steffen, my business partner.

  • Lisa Sink, my wife; and Kellie and Lydia Sink, my daughters.

Finally, and above all, I express my gratitude to the Creator. I have been blessed. And I am thankful.