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2006-02-24 14:25:17

My first book is almost ready!

Pardon the exclamation point, but I'm excited.  Sometime in the next few weeks I am going to walk in to my local Borders bookstore and see a book on the shelf with my name on it.  I'll try not to make a scene.

After what seems like an eternity of proofreading, today is the day that my book is being sent off to be printed.  The book is essentially a collection of essays from here on my weblog, each one edited and prefaced with an introduction.

This is my first book.  I'm sure every first-time author says this, but I feel the need:  I can't believe how much work this was.  Bear in mind that this book consists mostly of content which I had already written.  Even still, it required a stunning amount of effort.  It boggles the mind to think about writing a book where I would actually have to write the book.  My respect for real authors has increased throughout this process.

Anyway, the book is available for pre-ordering on Amazon now.

In fact, it has been possible to pre-order it for several months.

In fact, you could have pre-ordered this book on Amazon before I had decided on the table of contents, before I had submitted a single first draft, before I had a signed contract with the publisher.  The world of book publishing is just a little weird.