SQLitePCL.raw NuGet package, 0.2.0-alpha

I have pushed up the second release of the NuGet package(s) for SQLitePCL.raw. There are no API changes, and all tests are passing on all my target platforms (Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, .NET 4.5, WinRT 8, WinRT 8.1, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1 RT, and Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight).

Changes in this release

  • Tweak the net45 platform assembly to [hopefully] make it compatible with Mono on non-Windows platforms

  • Better error messages for build configuration problems

  • Bundled builds of the sqlite3 library are now compiled with foreign keys defaulting to on

  • SQLitePCL.tests, a separate NuGet package containing my test suite in source code form

  • SQLitePCL.ugly, a separate NuGet package containing the "not-in-C#-style" API which I use for writing the test suite

Changes still coming [soon]

  • A release which is polished enough for real use

  • Release notes in the nuspec instead of here in a blog entry

  • Hopefully, automatic insertion of the Visual C++ Runtime SDK reference on RT-ish platforms

  • Support for sqlite-net in a NuGet package. I've been coordinating with @praeclarum and @timheuer on this. He/they accepted my pull request with the necessary changes (thanks!). And my build system is generating a csproj/nuspec for proof of concept purposes. Almost there.

  • SQLitePCL.kitchensink, a NuGet package for advanced users, containing all of the configurations

  • Documentation

  • Better support for SQLCipher