Enterprise mobile will have a lot of SQL going on

A hearty "amen" to Annie Bourne of Kinvey on her blog entry today entitled The Top 4 Mobile Challenges for Enterprises, from which I quote:

"Enterprises have invested billions in certain databases and development frameworks and APIs. They also have invested in people who are trained for these systems."

This is exactly why we are so excited about the future here at Zumero.

In the enterprise arena, the words "data" and "SQL" are nearly synonymous. Sure, new stuff like "big data" and "NoSQL" are gaining traction, but they have a huge amount of ground to cover before they catch Oracle, IBM and Microsoft.

Some people believe the biggest competitor for SQL is SQL. The old, established SQL vendors I just mentioned are facing new challenges from the so-called "NewSQL" vendors like VoltDB, NuoDB, and Google Spanner.

The business world loves SQL. If you think the previous statement is BS, you're spending too much time with the "early adopter" part of the bell curve.

Broadly speaking, many enterprise companies have not really started developing for mobile devices. Some have done pilot projects. Few if any would say that they are at full steam on anything "mobile".

But this transition is happening. And it is accelerating. And as it does, we will see more and more developers asking how they can build a mobile solution which (1) integrates with their SQL database, and (2) leverages the SQL skills of their team. SQL is what they have. SQL is what they know.

We think that Zumero is going to have a great story for the customers in this wave:

  • On the device, SQLite. Fast, robust, and familiar. Already pre-installed on a billion phones and tablets.

  • On the backend, Big SQL. In the flavor of your choice.

  • Zumero handles the synchronization between the two.

  • Your developers don't have to worry about networking. Your app will work offline or online.

  • Your app needs the network only for sync, so your end-users never have to wait.

  • Familiar APIs on both sides

  • Server on-premises or in the cloud, whichever you prefer

Our vision for this is large. The incarnation of Zumero available today is just the beginning.