Just how big is that 'big empty office' ?

Korby says Microsoft is seeking to hire a Development Lead for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.  I checked the actual job posting and I don't see any strict requirement saying that the applicant must be an individual.  Consequently, SourceGear has informed me that she would like to apply for this job.

SourceGear's salary requirement is going to be about twenty times the going rate.  Furthermore, she will require a signing bonus of around $10 million.  Obviously this compensation package might be a little more than Microsoft has budgeted.  However, SourceGear feels that her qualifications and background are easily commensurate with the proposed level of pay.  In addition, she also has a whole bunch of source code which might be useful for this job, and she is willing to bring it all with her as part of the deal.

Relocation to Redmond will not be a problem.  The free soda sounds fine.  The foosball table will be really cool, especially since SourceGear would be one of the few Microsoft employees who can play both sides at the same time.

Even the office sounds like a good fit.  Korby described it as a "big empty office with all the amenities".  That's good, because SourceGear really likes an office with plenty of space and quite a few extra chairs.